Meister Bake Uber Soft Pretzels - Cinnamon (48/Case)

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Meister Bake Cinnamon Uber Soft Pretzels | Pretzel Haus Pretzels | Individual Pretzel with 6 Month Shelf Life

UBER Soft Salted Pretzels - Case of 48 - (6 month Shelf Life) 1 Case of 48 Uber Soft Pretzels Increase your profits substantially with Uber Pretzels from Pretzel Haus Bakery. Old Fashion starting with only the best high-quality ingredients. Every UBER Pretzel is baked and hand twisted under the supervision of a master baker. Always Soft, Moist and Flavorful - Never Frozen - Shelf Stable - Eliminates Freezer Cost Sell pretzels as they are purchased. No more borken pretzels and always fresh, soft and moist. Pretzels are individually packaged; thus requiring you to no longer carry pretzel related items (salt, cinnamon, humidifiers, etc.). Employees will spend less time preparing pretzels and more time selling.

UBER Soft Cinnamon Pretzel Haus Pretzels - MADE IN AMERICA!

Cinnamon Pretzel Haus Pretzels

Three flavor of UBER Pretzel Haus Pretzels: Cinnamon Pretzels, Salted Pretzels, and Unsalted Pretzels

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