Plastic Shot Glasses & Shooters

Plastic Shot Glasses & Shooters

Plastic Shot Glass | Acrylic Shot Glasses | Reusable Shot Glasses

We feature high quality plastic beer mugs, steins and beer glasses which are commercial restaurant grade. Hope you enjoy our entire line of plastic wine, champagne and tea drinkware

Plastic Shot Glasses | Acrylic Shot Glasses | Reusable Plastic Shot Glass

Please browse or fine collection of reusable plastic shot glasses and shooters. These plastic plastic and acrylic shot glasses are restaurant and commercial quality. 

High Quality Plastic Bareware (Mugs, Steins & Pints)

Our plastic shot glass drinkware series features seamless, shatter resistant shot glasses. We feature plastic shot glasses and plastic communion glasses that are commercial restaurant grade. Fun Shot Glass Facts: Shot glasses are made of glass or plastic and typically taper outwards with the diameter being greatest at the top of the glass. Shot glasses began about 100 years ago and today many variations of the shot glass are common. The taller shot glass are technically not shot glasses and are referred to as a shooter (tall tubular shot glass). Our plastic shot glass series are lighter than most barware shot glasses. are

Request Plastic Bareware  Samples

e-mail us at to request plastic bareware shot glass samples. Please include product sample desired, your name, shipping address and phone."

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1.5 oz Plastic Shot Glasses - 1.5 oz. Plastic Shot Glass (4 Cases/96 Glasses) Description: 1.5 ..
1oz Plastic Shot Glasses - 1 oz. Plastic Shot Glass (Case of 24) Description: 1 oz. shot glasse..
3 oz Plastic Shooter Glasses - 3 oz. Plastic Shooters (Case of 24) Description: 3 oz. shoo..
1oz Plastic Shot Glasses - 1 oz. Plastic Shot Glass (Case of 24) Description: 1 oz. shot glasse..
7/8 oz Plastic Shot Glasses - 7/8 oz. Reusable Plastic Shot Glass (2 Cases / 48 Glasses) Descri..
2 oz Plastic Shot Glasses - 2 oz. Plastic Shot Glass (Case of 72) Description: 2 oz. shot glass..
1 oz Plastic Shooter Glasses (Case of 24) Description: 1 oz. shooter glasses (1.2 oz. rim-..