Our Popcorn Machine Equipment - Popcorn Popper Sizing

Finding a proporn machine to fit your needs can be challenging. We choose to carry Paragon popcorn maker equipment. Paragon International is an American concession and manufacturing company based out of Nevada Iowa. Paragon manufactures the market's finest popcorn equipment and popcorn supplies.  Rest assured that Paragon backs all popcorn maker equipment with a competitive warranty and prompt, friendly customer service.

What size popcorn machine should I buy?

Kettle Size
4 oz.
15 Amp NEMA 5-15p
92 Ounces
6 oz.
15 Amp NEMA 5-15p
113 Ounces
8 oz.
15 Amp NEMA 5-15p
147 Ounces
12 oz.
15 Amp NEMA 5-15p
221 Ounces
14 oz.
15 Amp NEMA 5-15p
240 Ounces
16 oz.
30 Amp NEMA 5-30p
295 Ounces
20 oz.
30 Amp NEMA 5-30p
400 Ounces

Popcorn Machine Buying Guide

We manufacture a large supply of popcorn machines, ranging in size from 4 ounce machines to large 20 ounce machines.  The popcorn machine heats the kernel making it explode, or “pop.” Each kernel consists of water and starch that is concealed inside of the hull so that when the kernel heats up, the water expands and pressure builds up within the hull. The pressure creates a “pop” as the hull gives way to inflated starch that turns the kernel inside out.   Popcorn poppers provide for the escape of steam during the popping cycle. This prevents the popcorn from becoming soggy. 

Paragon is a U.S. manufacturer of top-of-the-line popcorn machines.  These are commercial machines made from the highest quality materials with a local American work force providing you performance, reliability and quality.  Paragon has been making popcorn machines for several decades and each product has the latest innovations and are fully-featured.   We take the guess work out of buying a popcorn popper - the only things to decide upon are size, color, style and electrical source.

​Popcorn machines are categorized by the amount of popcorn they pop during one cycle. Each cycle lasts roughly 3 minutes. For instance, as shown in the table to the right, Paragon's 4 ounce popper makes 92 (one ounce) servings per hour.  Most concessionaires will measure their popcorn in one ounce servings, which is the recommended size for one person.